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יום שלישי, 31 במרץ 2015

Just shake it off - Because the haters gonna hate

The other day I taught one of my third graders how to shake it off. I'm clearly favorite some of my students and I know that it's the ones that have it hard - the ones that find it hard to cool themselves down and to calm down. 

I thought him how to "shake it off". Literally. I told it to shake his hands and to let it go. Whatever that might be. Letting him know also - that If I'm in the school and he asks his teacher he could always join me in another class. Basically giving him a chance to get away from the girl that gets him all willed up. 

I was thinking about this the other day and how I've changed and how it's the local blogsphere that also had to do with it. Bloggers can be very mean to each other. That said - I've met some wonderful people and my best friends right now are from this very connection. 
I just needed to figure it out. 
And then - I learned how to shake it off. 

Jeans: Renuer (IL) \ Shirt: Renuer (IL) \ Shoes: Renuer (IL) \ Jacket: \ Earnings:

I love people and writing and fashion. I feel like all tough people tend to be competitive in life - especially the smart and ambitious ones - you can still get along with people and even dare I say - give the love. In Hebrew there's a word for it - it's called "Firgun". To give love from the heart. A kind of compliment. 

And I try to do this as much as I can, even giving credit to someone who was far from been nice to me, But the fact remains that she's very good at what shed does, even if we will probably never be bff's.

That and trying my hardest not to gossip. That how ever is still very hard for me - so that gives my something ells to work on. :-) 

יום רביעי, 11 במרץ 2015

The one in casual

It was a Friday and a Fellow photographer and I decided to get together and take some photos. With some Nightwish and metal music in the background we had some sunny fun indoors while it was totally rainy outside. 

I've always been envious with those amazing top ranking fashion bloggers who have their own photographer. I guess it has a lot to do with the whole fantasy... I've admitted from the beginning that blogging has a lot to do for me with my desire to model. So a photographer is part of that. 
Of course. 
T-shirt: Asos \ Jacket: Asos \ Jeans: Tamnon (il) \ Boots: Renuar (il) \ Rings: Asos+Top10 (il)

When I picked my 3 (plus 3 extra) outfits for the shot I wanted for a big verity and some how the 2 chosen outfits for the blog where the most basic- Casual kind of outfits. 
I'm happy that my kitty vest made it in - been who I am it so a part of me. :-) little touches of kitties all around. 
But jeans.... Who would have thought? Me? Jeans? 
This, most basic peace of clothing is always been a challenge for me. Not sitting just right I often opt for the skirt or the always easy - Dress. 

Photography: Avi Dorfman

I guess that's what I love about these pictures. The fact is - that these are simple but still me. still very much me. even in jeans. 

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